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Make Joyful Noise!



Switch it up.

Hey everyone today I’ll be talking about my favorite artist when it comes to what I listen to. I first started listening to Christian music back in 2004 (whoa seems like such a long time!). With artists like Audio Adrenaline, Aron Shust, Mercy Me and DC Talk. These are artist that helped me through the transition into my new found faith. But, I was still very much into the secular music I grew up listening to.The more I read and got onto the word God gave me revelation about what I was listening too. And let me tell you that it wasn’t a good felling. Gangsta rap, regetton, spanish rock, and many other genres still had a hold of my flesh, it was time to switch it up. I started analyzing my life and started noticing all the areas that would be a distraction in my walk with God, and mu-sick was one of them.


Why would God create something that would not glorify Him? I often wondered to my self. It wasn’t Him who did that it was us in our self centered nature that we perverted His way for us to worship Him. I truly believe that what we listen to has a big impact on our personal relationship with God. And I for one am eliminating anything that would keep me from that. So I went strictly God worshiping and  praising music since 2009.

Not the same? I think not.

At first I felt great with  my new found freedom from the secular influence music had over me, but I wont lie, I felt like I fell short of the variety that the other side had. Then God introduced to me so much more, almost as if to say,”Don’t go thinking I’m not powerful in the music biz”. I heard awesome guitar Duets that praised Him. Great jamming rock. Rap that had way deeper messages than any of the so-called most prolific rappers in hip hop(you know who I mean). Even some good ol, spanish country music. All of it Praising God, All of it Showing me the majesty of the Lord, All of it helping me realize that it’s NOT about me but about HIM. till this day I refuse to listen to secular music. Like Paul writes as long that its in my power of course. So know I have discovered many awesome artists and plenty of cool radio stations that give me that fix of Jesus juice. Here is a list of some artists and stations:

Cool Stations.

  Great Worship

  • Third Day
  • Mercy Me
  • Building 429
  • Mikes Chair
  • Audio Adrenaline
  • DC Talk
  • The Kitanas
  • The City Harmonic
  • Jeremy Camp
  • Jason Grey

Hip Hop


  • Red
  • Disiple
  • Skillet
  • Fireflight
  • Plum

Now these are some of the artist that have got my attention. Listening to secular music is being part of the world, when we are called to be “not of the world”. I exhort you to analyze what you and most important those that you are an influence to, are listening too. . I’m sure I didn’t mention all that I would like to but I’ll let you fill in the rest. Please be my guest and leave any artist that you like and comment on anything .

Grace and Peace!


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