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Welcome, my name is Jose and this is my blog.

 I’m a sinner, saved by Grace. And this is an attempt at sharing, with as many as will listen, my daily walk in Jesus Christ.  I am a married father of 3, and I try to keep my feet on the ground by reading His Word and getting my mind into different art mediums. The newest field (and my favorite by far) is Web development and Design. Not yet knowing what specific area I want to focus on I have been getting my hands into some coding with HTML and CSS. Photoshop , Illustrator, and Dreamweaver are my new favorite tools of the trade. Mastering them is my goal (career wise)

My life finally started when I died and He started living in me. Though not perfect, I know that the process of sanctification is an on going one. And being a man still in the flesh , I will continually go through trials. So I hold on to Him and His word for dear life. My life now is revolved around seeking and loving God  more. This is where the blog comes in. I will write about daily life circumstances.

Favorite verse: Romans 8:28  ” If God is for us, Who can be against us.?”

Originally from Los Angeles, CA. for the first 21 years of my life, I now reside in Las Vegas, NV.  I attend a small, but spirit filled church -Calvary Chapel Meadows Mesa. I enjoy many different things and will try new adventures if given the chance. I don’t have the best of grammar or punctuation, but what matters is that i get the message across. Thanks for visiting and I hope you find something that will catch you interest.

Grace and peace!


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  1. Your blog is encouraging, thanks for sharing your testimony. I look forward to reading your future entries. God bless you brother.

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