So I want to be a developer…now what?

Well lets start at the beginning. I’ll make it quick.

As far as I could remember, I’ve been drawn into art (no pun intended). From doodling, to painting, graffiti even. But one has captivated me more than others and for a long time now and that is the graphic arts. In Jr. High I would look at illustrations in my art class and wonder how they drew that? It was so vivid and colorful that it seemed fake. Then Mrs. Carter ( My art teacher ) revealed the big secret to me – It was done on a computer. Although I did not pursue what I had just learned, it would be something I would always think about for years to come, . I went in a different direction for the time being. And then it happened .  “Toy Story”. This was the movie that would put that, “that’s what I want to do when I grow up” idea in my head.

I’m an explorer, some my say A.D.D., but I stick to my guns, Explorer! I have tried so many different things, and enjoyed doing most of them.  

I was very fascinated with graphic arts and animation, but computers and mentorship where hard to come by as a kid. A couple of my friends had pc’s and I found Corel draw. I fiddled with that thing and also illustrator but again not enough to fully submerse myself. So time past and I kept a fascination with this awesome technology.

Fast forward to about 2011 when something caught my eye on the web. Now mind you I used the internet and knew about it, I’m no hermit. I saw a key word that just opened it all up again. Adobe. It brought back all sorts of thoughts, so I looked into it. And one thing led to another, and I found Dreamweaver, which again fascinated me.I’m an explorer, some my say A.D.D., but I stick to my guns, Explorer! I have tried so many different things, and enjoyed doing most of them. Now I feel that I started the whole web development and design way late. When I started reading about it, css3 was King_of_kingsalready well into use. And HTML5 was all the buzz in most of the articles I was reading. But I was determined to make this, finally part of my “grown up plan”. I’ve married a beautiful woman, have 3 kids, and settled down. Career time had to be next.

I scoured the web for tutorials and found some very informative videos and tutorials. The problem was, every time I opened a file, I would have more questions than when I started. So needles to say it was a slow start. Eventually I started getting the hang of what sites helped and what sites gave out of date or overwhelming info. Youtube gave me the best start. I found channels like “create the web” and “mlwebco” “dreamweavertutorials” and a couple other. These where the free resources I could find. Of course there are the paid sites. Like “Treehouse” and “”. Due to the amount of time I would be able to dedicate, at the moment, to actually sitting and studying, I had to avoid those sit

Now, the last couple of months I’ve been looking into making time in my day, to dedicate to my studying, reading,blogging, and working on Photoshop. This year has been pretty productive so far, more consistent in my goal. Now mind you that I do have a fulltime job(thank God), a wife and kids to interact with and I make time for the reading of my Bible. So, this is an undertaking to say the least, but, I have resolved to stay in it and make this my career. Thanks to some new blogs and sites I found as of late, I can totally see that happening. Sites like, and all the have given me some good tutorial material. For my awesome blog and inspiration sites, I found places like which has been a huge part my recent inspiration, a Christ following creative  like my self, how awesome! Also Churchmag .com and 8bitare some great blog spots. Have a look into some of these and find what inspiration you can find.

Grace and Peace!